My Story

Laura May Grant

My Story...

I opened my shop on Lanarks Wellgate on 19th August 2016.

I can honestly say 'I Love' what i do, its makes me happy. 'Stay Positive, Work Hard, Make It Happen'.

I have so many different ideas, that i want to share with my customers. I am embarking on a new journey for 2018.....making my own quirky

jewellery collection. #OMG

I'm a 30 year old Designer with a love for moustaches, and all things vintage.

I love spending my days sourcing products from antique centres, vintage markets and car boot sales. "There is just something about buying other peoples tat that I just love". When I see something I'm always thinking of how I can change it, make it different, more unique.

My passion for sewing started at a young age, being around my Gran who was a knitter, and my Mum who is a very creative individual.

Im a fabric hoarder, I have piles of it from vintage florals, tartan, super heroes and of course moustache prints.

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